Hydrau Lifts & Chrome Wheels (DVD #56)


Image of Hydrau Lifts & Chrome Wheels (DVD #56)

Hydro Lifts and Chrome Wheels, video #56. See one of the most poppin' functions of the year, Super Natural Lowrider 21st Annual Function. We then hit the L.A. Times Cinco De Mayo Function at Elysian Park. See even more footage from Young Hogg's King of the Streets, Los Angeles. We Gon' Ride T.V. also visits a couple of Lowrider shops, then it's off to the streets, as we take rides with a couple of Los Angeles Car Clubs. Includes a Bonus Video as well and a Banging' Soundtrack.

In the streets, they say they like to play We Gon' Ride T.V. in their cars while driving, and even if they can't look at the movie screen, they always know that they have good music to ride to!